Advantages of Game Shield

Unlimited Anti-DDoS

Relying on 5000+ edge cleaning nodes all over the world (3000+ in the mainland alone), AI-based distributed defense of massive nodes, with unlimited defense capabilities.

CC attack defense

Private protocol encrypted transmission, attackers cannot decipher and thus cannot attack the backend of business applications, zero false killings, zero false positives.

No filing required

Private protocol secondary encapsulation, de-DNSization, anti-pollution and anti-hijacking.

1000Ten thousand



Business broadband

100Ten thousand

Peak setting

Currently operating globally 5000+ Edge cleaning node, Mainland 3000+Indivual
Why choose us? Game Shield can solve all the following pain points

High price

In the event of a large traffic attack, a large amount of profits will be paid to cloud providers

Bill confusion

The elastic protection bill is chaotic, even the house has to be paid to the cloud provider if it is attacked

No guarantee on the cloud

If you are reported, you can be blocked as soon as you want, and the fee cannot be refunded

Can't prevent CC

WAF's ability to resist is poor, and the server CPU is fully loaded

Slow service response

If you encounter a problem and submit a work order, even if someone responds, it will be a monkey show for a bunch of people

Poor access quality

Anti-Advanced in China needs to be filed, while the access quality of Anti-Advanced overseas is poor

Simple access, worry-free after-sales

Free POC support

Free POC support

Free POC support

Free POC support

Configuration Recommendations
Cloud service version
12 / Month Rise Contact us
Billing mode: authorization fee + bandwidth expansion fee

Key: Key: an independent AppKey (it is recommended to purchase multiple and deploy them separately for different businesses)

Key: Bandwidth: 100Mbps business bandwidth (peak bandwidth, additional expansion of 60,000 yuan/100Mbps/month)

Key: Nodes: 10 exclusive nodes and 5000+ shared nodes

Key: Control: Control is maintained by the XX shield team

Key: Scenario: suitable for small and medium teams

Application process
Business Consulting
Test access
Effect verification
Pay to pay